White Cane Facts

Lions Club Meeting
White Cane Launch

1. Where do the North Carolina Lions get their money :
49% White Cane Donations
19% Camp Dogwood Sales
68% From two events

2. Where does the Lions Club’s money go:
1,279 canes given to visually impaired – $57k (44.76 ea)
149,233 pairs of glasses recycled
14,104 people screened by the Vision Van – $166k (11.76 ea)
689 campers attended Camp Dogwood – $$465k (675 ea)
17 students of vip Educational Grants $45k (2700 ea)
1,255 eye exams through Matching funds $151k (120 ea)
2,121 pairs of new eye glasses were provided $205k
19 Misc. request for assistance through Matching funds $17K
Also VIP Fishing Tournament
Deaf/Blind Retreat
Only 5% of funds go for Administration and Overhead

3. District Goals (Per Member)
White Cane $80.00
Boys/Girls Home $15.00
Total Donation Per Member $95.00

4. Camp Dogwood Ticket Sales Goal
“All” funds from ticket sales goes to the maintenance of Camp Dogwood!
The goal is 3 books of tickets per member – 57 books

5. Recommendation
Our goal, for 19 members, is $1,805 in donations and the selling of 57 books of Camp Dogwood tickets. As the White Cane Chairperson I would like to recommend we accept the goal of,

– White Cane – $80 per member
– Boys/Girls Home – $15 per member
– Selling of 57 books of Camp Dogwood tickets.


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