How the NC Lions Started.

Start of NC Lions

Five years after the eight charter member states participated in the founding of Lionism in 1917, North Carolina joined the National Association.  Although North Carolina was not one of the first States, it was certainly one of the most receptive to Lionism.

In 1922, ten clubs were organized, and nine of them received their charters before the year ended.   Many of the places where these clubs held their organizational meetings no longer exist; those that are still standing would be unrecognizable to the club members of 1922.   But these early Lions and plans they made at their meetings left a permanent imprint on Lionism in North Carolina.    And in the years that followed them, Lionism spread rapidly across the state, Inspiring North Carolinians with its philosophy and goals.

The above is an excerpt from “LIONISM IN NORTH CAROLINA – A NEW ERA 1967 -1988”

Every North Carolina Lion should own this book.   It is well done and richly tells the story of Lionism in North Carolina.


  • Winston Salem – March 13, 1922. Dr. C.S. Lawrence, Charter President
  • Albemarle – April 21, 1922. M.J. Harris, Charter President
  • Raleigh – May 12, 1922. Cale T. Burgess, Charter President
  • Wilmington – May 15, 1922. W.H. Blair, Charter President
  • Fayetteville – July 2, 1922. Dr. R.A. Allgood, Charter President
  • Durham – July 26, 1922. Dr. J.M. Manning, Charter President
  • Greensboro – September 11, 1922. Samuel H. Hodgin, Charter President
  • Wilson – September 22, 1922. Oliver G. Rand, Charter President
  • Charlotte – October 20, 1922 Col. T.L. Kirkpatrick, charter president
  • Asheville – December 8, 1922. Judge R.M. Wells, Charter President

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