The Old Club Member. Written by Gregg Dunn.

We’re comfortable in our Lions Club, Every couple of weeks we meet.  We’re not real energetic, And our projects are discreet.   We tend to run our Club low key, We don’t make any fuss, We almost got new members once, But they wouldn’t agree with us.  They tried to throw in new ideas, Which did not go over well, What do they think they’re trying to do?  Who are they trying to tell?  These new ideas are all old hat We tried them all before, Maybe it was not quite like that, But they still won’t work, I’m sure.  But let’s think of why my Club is small, And new members hard to get.  I won’t accept alternate ways, For mine are far too set.  I put my head into the sand, My backside in the air, I’m stubborn, have my own ideas, Pretend that I’m not there.  With head in sand and feet fixed firm, Knees, like me, unbending; The sight that remains contains the brains.  Is this what I’m defending?  I’ve been here for a hundred years, I know what it’s all about!  But maybe I’ll try their new ideas, Maybe they might work out.  I know they failed last time we tried, But let’s profit from what we did.  Naturally, then, we could do no wrong, But who were we trying to kid.  Let’s listen to what the new ones say, Let’s keep an open mind, Past experience and new talent, Together as one, combined.  Our membership could grow as well, More knocking at the door.  It may take a bit more effort, But spread through many more.  The community might realize They have a Lions Club.  And an increase in good fellowship, Emanating from the hub.  To think we could discover, The answer to our dream.  A more exciting Lions Club, A more exciting team.  A new exuberance in the Club, I can’t explain, it’s strange, But someone’s quality of life improved, ‘Cause we elected to change.


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