Walmart & Lions

Recently I was at my local Walmart and came across a pleasant surprise.  There was a eyeglass collection box in the front of the store with the logo that we all associate ourselves with.  Lions Clubs International has entered into a collaborative agreement with Walmart to collect used eyeglasses from the public at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the United States.  Co-branded eyeglass collection boxes, bearing both the LCI and Walmart   logos, are available in the 2,500 Walmart stores, and 500 Sam’s Clubs, with vision centers.  These new boxes have replaced existing Lions collection boxes currently in place at the specified stores with vision centers.  For Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs without vision centers, existing Lions eyeglass collections will continue at the discretion of the store manager.  Walmart will ship the collected eyeglasses to their   distribution centers, where they will then be delivered to the nearest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers for sorting, cleaning and processing.  Usable glasses will be available for Lions and other optical missions to  developing nations, where the glasses will be dispensed to children and adults free of charge.  Based upon their proximity to the Walmart distribution centers, the following Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers will be receiving eyeglasses collected from the public at Walmart stores.  If you wish to learn more about the eyeglass recycling program, please contact the Lions Health and Children’s Services Department at  When you see one of these boxes in your local Walmart or Sam’s Club make sure to thank the manger for supporting this great cause.  Also if you fail to notice a collection box don’t be ashamed to ask if your club can put one there. 

 Ken Smith – President Lillington Lions


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