Governor’s November Message

Greetings Fellow Lions!

What a great first quarter 31-F has had! Clubs have sent in 31.5% of White Cane contributions; and our membership is plus 26. Both reports show us as #1 in the state. Congratulations to the Finest Lions in North Carolina! We do have three more quarters left this Lions year, so we cannot afford to let up.  The goal for White Cane is 40% by December 31 and a net growth in membership. If we can continue what we have accomplished this first quarter, we will be over 1250 in membership by the end of the year and reach our White Cane goal. So Lions of 31-F let us continue to “ROAR.”

What have you as a Lion done to serve during the first quarter? I can say that Lion Cathey and I attended the VIP fishing tournament and are blessed by our experience with over 500VIPs, and guests along with 140 plus Lions volunteers. It was a lot of work but very fulfilling and fun. This was my first time at VIP but it will not be my last.  If you have never been, make it a point to sign up for next year.

I have had great visits to all the clubs that I visited during October and am amazed at all that we do as Lions, not just as fundraisers but what we do in our communities. Keep up the great service.

The New Broadway Club has set December 2, at 6:30 pm as its Charter Night. It is customary for clubs to make a monetary contribution to a new club to help with their initial fund-raising. If your club decides to do so, be sure to bring it on charter night or forward it to me and I will present it in your club’s name. Make checks payable to Broadway Lions Club.

White Cane Chair Diane Westerbeek and Camp Dogwood Chair Vince Schimmoller are looking for a few good clubs to present their programs. Contact them today for a very informative and inspirational program. Every Chairperson in 31-F is looking forward to presenting a program to your club. Find out what the Lions are doing in our district and state. Give them a call and they will be glad to present a program. Remember, they are your Chairperson so let them do their best.

If your club has not sent in its district dues, please do it as soon as possible. February will be here before you know it.  

District 31-F is going to continue to grow and be an example for the rest of North Carolina, because we have the Finest Lions in our district. So let us get out, “ROAR” this month, and plan for the rest of the year!



Remember to wear your pin, shirt, or hat when you leave the house.

See you at Mid-Winter.


Yours in Service,

District Governor Jerry Lee Thomas


Governor’s Meetings:


5          31-F Mid-Winter

6          31-F Mid-Winter

12         State Cabinet Meeting 

13         State Cabinet Meeting

14         NCLF Board Meeting

15         Clinton Lions Club

16         Pembroke Lions Club

18         Vass Lions Club

19-21   31-A Mid-Winter



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