February 5th Meeting

Dear Fellow Lions,

We will be having our 3rd and basically the final Cabinet Meeting this year
on February 5, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Boudreaux in Fayetteville. I hope to
see all Cabinet Members along with all Club Presidents, Secretaries, and all
interested Lions at the meeting.
We need to be working on several items as this Lions year comes to a close
in 5 months.
1) I have a large number of NC State pins for 2010-11 left. The cost is $2
per pin, this pin recognizes Lion Sid as International President, if you or
your club wants these please come to the meeting or contact your Zone Chairs
and tell them how many you need.
2) We still have a long way to go in membership, we were down 1 at the end
of December, I have recruited 3 new members for my club can you say the
same. If you want help contact me, Lion Gary Green or your Zone Chair.
3) We are at 42% on White Cane, if you have finished your fund raisers this
year please send in your donations soon, Lion Diane Westerbeek want to reach

75% by the end of March.
4) Were can we start a new CLUB, let me know or contact PDG Dave Martin, so
we can start on it.
5) Please read your February news letter at nclions31f.com

In Service,

Jerry Thomas, District Governor 31-F


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