Hamlet Lions Club

The Hamlet Lions Club sponsors a support group for the blind and visually impaired every month.  There are currently 18 members according to Cassie Williamson a long time group leader and Hamlet Lions member.  Lion Louise Sowell, organized the Sunshine Group when she was a social worker for the blind. Lion Cassie said Lion Louise tried to talk with the members of the group and get them to open up about how they were feeling. Lion Louise saw the members would not talk were they meeting at that time, so she went to the First Baptist Church on Charlotte Street and asked if she could use the church for their meetings. The answer was yes and from that time on in 1972 they have been meeting at the First Baptist Church.  The purpose of The Sunshine Group is to give people in the community who are visually impaired or blind an opportunity to get out and meet with other people who are dealing with some of the same problems. It also helps them to find resources in the community that they would not ordinarily be able to find.  Family and friends of the support group are welcome to visit during their meetings.  An active member of the Hamlet Lions Club and member of the Sunshine Group, Michael Clinton, who himself is visually impaired said he would like to see more people get involved. He said he knows there are people out there who will benefit from this support group. He said when he became visually impaired he felt lost, alone and afraid. He said because of the support group, he has friends that understand what he’s dealing with. Michael is now attending classes throw social services for the blind. He said he has come out of his shell and is now, not only making a difference in his own life, but is making a difference in his community. Michael encourages anyone who is feeling what he was feeling to consider contacting The Hamlet Lions Club. Lion Michael said, It is a blessing to have the Hamlet Lions Club to offers the support group.  There are no membership fees and    anyone blind or visually impaired is welcome to join the support group. There is no transportation to pick up members for these meetings.  The meetings are every 2nd Thursday of each month, 10:00-11:30 AM.  People in the Sunshine Group are invited to join the Lions Club in there area if they are interested in becoming a “LION”. There are several Lions members who attend each meeting with the Sunshine Group members to ensure they are safe and properly served during their meetings.


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