District Governor, Denning Buchter

Denning Buchter is married to Lion Kaye and they have 4 children.  Cynthia, a medical doctor married to 1st VDG Randy Kirby, Keven a former airline pilot with American Eagle and Jet    Blue but now owner of an RV dealership, Kristen, wife of a Baptist Minister, and Kim a recent graduate from Mesa State in Colorado.  They also have seven grandchildren and have lived in Whiteville since 1999.

He worked in education most of his adult life and holds a PHD in Education Administration.    During his career as an educator he taught high school, was a School Principal and a Central Office administrator.  He also was the Headmaster of a private pre-k thru 12 school and also taught part-time as UNCW.  His second career was in the Army Reserves, in which he served two years of active duty and 28 years in the reserve program.  He spent 13 months in Vietnam and received a bronze star, purple heart, along with several other awards.  He retired as a LTC in 1992.

Since he joined the Whiteville Lions Club he has served as 1stVDG, 2ndVDG, Zone Chairperson, Club President (2), Secretary(1), Treasurer(9), and Director.

His favorite pastimes is doing yard work and reading adventure novels.


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