Zone 2 Habitat Project

Members of Zone 2 Lions Clubs have really stepped up to the plate, and waiting to begin their part in the construction of the Habitat for Humanity home, in Partnership with Lions Clubs International.  The Location of the site is; 702 S. Fayetteville Street in Dunn, NC.

Initial ground moving work for the foundation has been completed, and the pouring of the slab is expected to be completed this week, and should already be in process by the time you get this newsletter. Framing will begin and be completed during the first of next week. Lion Kenneth Lee; President Elect, of the Mary Stewart Lions Club, and owner of Lee Pest Solutions is providing Complete Termite and Pest control services. We are thankful for these services.


(1)  Need individuals skilled in ROOFING to form a team and expected to begin work by Wednesday, June 15th next week.

(2)  Also needed is a PAINTING team will be needed after dry walls are installed.

(3)  In addition; a LANDSCAPING Team will be needed for the grounds..  

Club Presidents and Secretaries Please read this notice to your memberships at your next meeting, and ask them to contact one or both of the individuals listed below immediately so they can organize work teams as-soon-as-possible. If your club is not meeting this week, inform them by telephone or email.

Lion Jim Bales (910 893-9076) of the Buies Creek Lions Club will serve as the coordinator and contact person with the Habitat for Humanity staff.  Bill Cunningham is the Habitat Executive Director. (910 892-7933).

James L. Kiser
Zone 2 Chairperson
James Kiser

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