The Power of One

“Believe that one person can make a difference. Believe that the entire world can be changed when we come together as Lions. Believe that changing a life – or the world – starts with each one of us.” – International President Wing-Kun Tam          

The power of one. That’s what President Tam is asking us to do this year. Draw on our own power.  And when it comes to strengthening our service projects and programs, the quickest and easiest way to improve them is through the reenergizing of our clubs and the rededication of our members. It all starts with you. How do we do this?

First, if you have a strong club, then you’ll have a desire to make it stronger. The Club Excellence Program from Lions International is your ticket to going to the next level. Second, if your club is struggling with 14 or fewer members and you have a sincere desire to reinvent yourself and return to 20 or more members, then the Rebuilding Lion Program is for you. Third, if you’re ready to branch out from the club level and spread Lionism to other communities and other groups of people, then our New Club Program is just what the doctor ordered.          

“As your District GMT Chair, I can help you excel in each of these areas,” said Gary Greene, District Chair for GMT. “And I am eager to see you succeed, grow, and flourish. Give me a call if you would like to learn more. Invite me to your club for a program that’s sure to entertain and help you realize how the power of one can impact your club and your community.” (910) 995-0281


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