Team Pictures, Last Call for Pants

9:45 am – Photo Station 1 – SWT Lions (Ken Smith)
10:00 am – Photo Station 1 – A Bruins (Jill Motschenbacher)
10:00 am – Photo Station 2 – A Green Monsters (Andy Laplante)
10:15 am – Photo Station 1 – A Wolfpack (Rusty Taylor)
10:15 am – Photo Station 2 – A Lions (Wayne Davenport)
10:30 am – Photo Station 1 – Majors Wolfpack (David Rollins)
10:30 am – Photo Station 2 – Majors Mustangs (Scott Gilbert)
10:45 am – Photo Station 1 – AA Tar Heels (Wayne Autry)
10:45 am – Photo Station 2 – AA Yankees (Philip Arevalo)
12:00 pm – Photo Station 1 – ANG Angels (Keith Hadding)
12:15 pm – Photo Station 1 – DRL Darlings (John Ellis)
1:00 pm – Photo Station 1 – PNY Tulips (Stephanie Tripp)

Photo Stations 1 & 2 will be located to the right of the tennis courts, near the batting cage at Chamber Field. Order forms are supposed to be on the way. I will include those with your uniforms when we distribute those on Thursday. The photographers have asked that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled picture time.

Lastly, we’ve tried to get around to everyone, but if any of your players need to order shorts (T-Ball), elastic waist pants (AA Baseball, Angels Softball), or belt-loop pants (AAA Baseball, Majors Baseball), let us know by 10 a.m. tomorrow! We are sending the order out tomorrow so they will be ready for this weekend.


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